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Villa Capri Community Page


Reminder Pet Policy


As you are aware we are very pet friendly community and encourage everyone to spend time with their animals whether they are Canines, Felines and even reptiles. However, we have seen a few areas of concerns areas where dog defecation has not been picked up and disposed of properly. This is the responsibility of the owner of the animal and if the guideless are not followed can lead to a lease violation and subject to a possible fine and demand to vacate. Since, we are sure that everyone here would like to see our beautiful community continue to be an amazing living experience we have listed a few refresher points to remind everyone of the expectations of themselves as well as their neighbors


  1. Do not allow your pet to defecate or urinate in such as walkways, stairwells, parking lots, or other interior or exterior common areas. Any Animal waste shall be disposed of promptly and properly, by the Resident or someone at the Resident’s direction and expense.


  1. Resident shall be responsible for any cleaning in common areas necessitated by the Pet, i.e., dirty footprints.


  1. The Pet shall be on a leash under Resident’s supervision and direct control at all times. The Pet may not wander or be left unattended on the grounds or in common areas. Domestic rodents, reptiles and amphibians, or birds, if allowed, must remain caged at all times


  1. Resident shall not permit animal to, and represents that animal will not cause any damage, nuisance, or cause justified complaints, from any other resident, guest, or the public or engage in any other aggressive behavior while on the community


  1. No pets are allowed in the pool or general area, unless they are on a leash and passing through. Per California Government code sections 12955.3 and 12926 and section 3602 of title 42 of the United States code reasonable accommodations where an animal has been approved to the specific resident, may have their animal accompany them. However, all rules and guidelines still apply when it comes to above mentioned and otherwise noted in detail on the lease agreement signed by all parties.


  1. All pets/support and assistive animals must be approved with management and the resident must provide required documentation with appropriate fees (if required) as well as a photo id of the animal. If you have not so, please contact the leasing office immediately to ensure you are not in direct violation of the lease agreement.


                       Thank you in advance for your continued efforts to keep Villa Capri Apartments a beautiful place to live!